Are you ready to compete with someone your boss can hire for half your pay?

If you are — either because you are young and inexperienced or because you grew up without good role models and without a coach — remember it’s never too late to learn new skills and new attitudes. That’s why we created this site. To teach you what schools don’t. To teach you skills and attitudes that will set you apart from your coworkers and competitors. Skills that will take you places you want to go – street smarts.

It’s not just that street smarts are rare.

They’re disappearing. Street smarts come from working hard which comes from knowing how bad your alternative is, from knowing that, in reality, where you go in life is up to you. Most immigrants come here and kick a**. They work hard and do their jobs well and conscientiously for the most part.

Blame the sense of entitlement young people grow up with today.

Blame Hollywood for making success look easy and for making us think everyone lives a richer life than we do. Blame the divorce rate and parents that coddle their kids because they feel guilty for not being around. Regardless of where you place the blame, today’s young workforce is poorly equipped to compete with hungry, smart, English-speaking immigrants and professionals in other countries.

Fire up Skype and call someone in Argentina, China, Russia or India. The call connects in 5 seconds, connection is crystal clear, the video is astonishingly good… so, start learning how to compete successfully today!

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