Caption contest #13 – Santa as boss

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A few words with winning author Sara DeAnne Zavorka  of Lake Hills, TX:

What do you do for a living?
Full-time college student working towards a degree in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education. Currently, I am also a Community Assistant at my college. This job entails building a sense of community in my dorm, as well as assuring that the residents have a safe and fun time throughout their stay at their “home away from home.”

Has your sense of humor ever helped you on the job? any examples?
When I was a Cartoonist for my local newspaper, humor was a must. In anything I do, actually I at least try to have a good time with it. I’ve never been the comedian sort, but through my overly clumsy and sometimes naïve nature, it gets those around me laughing, and that alone is an ice breaker and ease-maker. Maintaining a humorous yet business-like status in any job is a difficult paradox, but those who master it can handle anything.

Ever used humor in a job search?
Humor drives living. Without it, everything would be dull and lacking of motivation.
My job searches consist of looking for a job in which I may exhibit some sense of humor, just to be able to have a good time with it.

What’s your best advice for jobseekers?
My favorite quote, by writer Douglas Noel Adams, says “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” I relate those words to nearly everything in life. For jobs, it is a reassurance that I will find the job I most need to be doing, when the time is right. It takes off some pressure amid the hectic searching.

What do you find funny and not funny about job search?
Being a younger adult, still emerging into the chaotic world that is having an occupation, I find it both funny and not so much how nearly every single job requires some work experience, but one cannot acquire that work experience if they cannot first get a job. Got to love irony…


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  • ChrisD

    How was I supposed to know you don’t serve raindeer steaks for christmas dinner around here! I’m going back to work for the Easter Bunny all you do there is dye eggs and all the raisenets you can eat.

  • “Restructuring my ass…. good luck finding any jolly elves in India!”

  • I’m sorry this didn’t work out Grumpy! I suggest Anger management. I kinda need my arm to deliver toys! Good Luck, hopefully Snow White will rehire you.

  • I.T.

    My name’s not “Grumpy,” damn it!

  • Yes, I see them when their sleeping, and know when they’re awake, but I AM your boss and you have no right to call me “Stalker Claus”!

  • pegglegp2564

    you can replace me with automation but you cant make them sing christmas songs

  • Resume…check…suit…check….teeth..check…Now, I only have 5 five minutes to get a positive attitude for the interview….

  • EagleFan

    We need to talk, Santa. Some of the elves and I are highly dissatisfied with our pay. Candycanes and gumdrops just WILL NOT cut it anymore!

  • “Out sourcing comes to Santa’s Toy Factory!”

  • Lizzy G.

    “There may some light pilfering down at the plant -but I didn’t steal your hat!

  • Jeffery Lowers

    If you fit through the door then you are not big enough to be Santa.

  • So much for employee resolution process !!

  • watermarko

    It’s Casual Friday, so go home, change into that 4xxx aloha shirt and get back to work.

  • misshollywood17

    Harold, you’ve been working at this shop for the last 1,225 years, is that correct?

  • larry g.

    “Mr. Clause I’m fuming!- Rudolf just inked a sweet 4 year mega bucks deal, but the toys union
    increased our workload 15% with a 10% wage cut knowing we’re perpetually short-staffed.”

  • No One calls Santa “FAKE”! No your payvheck is “FAKE”

  • L.K. Simpson

    Grumpy, I’m sorry, but your style of management has killed production. You’re fired!

  • “Shove it up your pie-hole Santa.” HO-HO-HO Maybe if you will show some moral initiative. I will take you off the naughty list within 90 days.

  • Lin B

    Santa is seriously thinking of hiring an HR adviser…

  • Not an arctic cold nor Holiday joy can stand against the economic rollor coaster.

  • Shannon Coffman

    “I’m sorry Frank, but the term ‘elf’ is just not considered politically correct these days…”

  • Terresa

    What happened to the Holly, Jolly guy that ran the joint when I started this job?#??!!*

  • Dumb elves are threatening to strike again!!!

  • Pam W

    Alfred you know our policies on sexual harassment. Telling Mrs. Claus at the Christmas party that she is one hunk of burning love was a very bad idea.

  • Seriously?? Am I really expected to know who was naughty or nice???