Caption contest #18 – career day

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A few words with winning author Patty Patrignelli:

What do you do for a living?

My name is Patty Patrignelli and I live in Monroe, New York. While my main role in life is a mom,  I am also a Kindergarten Teaching Assistant in a K-1 elementary.

Has your sense of humor ever helped you on the job?
I truly believe humor is what gets us through life.  I am fortunate to be around children all day who bring humor into everything they say and do.  Many times when I see a student struggling with a concept or skill, I use humor to lighten up the moment and make them feel more relaxed and less apprehensive.  Funny rhymes and silly, humorous behavior can make a huge difference in how a child responds to you.

What’s your best advice for jobseekers?

There is something for everyone; when you are truly focused on making a change or following a dream, doors will open.

What do you find funny and not funny about job search?
What I find funny about a job search is the fact that people expect to open the newspaper and find that highly-paid dream job on page 44. What is not so funny, is the fact that there are so many talented, hard-working people who just haven’t had the opportunity to get their foot in the door. Job searching is a tough, exhausting process; however, keep your sense of humor as people (including prospective employers) are naturally drawn to those who make them smile and laugh. 


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  • Shaio

    There will be plenty of time for you to decide your career, for now just continue in school because you are our future!

  • MizB

    Good morning, Class! I am Prinicipal Stewart. Unfortunately, we will have to postpone Career Day due to the recession, all parents are at the Job Fair.

  • Alicia

    Teacher: Who put that smiley face up there?

  • Patty

    “ in closing, if any of your parents are looking for an accountant, please pass my card along.”

  • Jasmine Medel

    For all of those that end up failing, just know you really did a good job and I don’t like pickles on my burger.

  • Carolann Quinn

    Now, don’t all rush for the door at the same time. Being a mortician is an important job!

  • Wayne Reese

    Your father’s not here cause he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you.

  • Did you all bring your resumes?

  • karinaespi

    Decide your career path now.. preparation is everything!

  • ChrisD

    First thing, you’re all over qualified.

  • louie

    “Hi! I’m Jimmy, and I’m unemployed” class answered “Hi Jimmy”

  • I remember when I was a young student with dreams and hope, One thing I have to say is don’t grow up.

  • Leviathanmt

    “Why are we all wearing glasses? That’s what this day should really be about, should we have an optometrist in here instead? *thinks ‘man, what’s for lunch?’ ”

  • No, lying does not make you a Politician,

  • Shawn Dickenson

    Pay attention kids most of your parents missed this class.

  • Marilyn Muckerman

    On behalf of my new secretary, we would ask that you please accept our humble it was just brought to our attention that 3 students from the senior class had typo’s in the section entitled,”requirements for graduation”…..

  • Marilyn Muckerman

    For starters class you will need to write with No. 2 pencil after the word “Career”. However, where it says “Job” only permanent marker will do!

  • Marilyn Muckerman

    Professor Jones requires “back-up” when lecturing generation “Y” on the importance of having to work for a living!

  • Student: ‘My dad will probably show up as a mime again because he doesn’t know how to explain computer programming to a bunch of kids or how to make sound fascinating.’

  • So, does anyone know what they want to be when they grow up? I could use a good lead.

  • Katarina N.

    “And that, kids, is how to draw a smiley face. I suggest you practice on your desks while the teacher isn’t looking.”

  • Class, today we need to change Career Day to JOB Day. Without necessary skills for a career all that is available is jobs. JOB means Just Over Broke.

  • No, Johnny, I’m NOT a corporate fat cat.

  • Heatherlee

    Hello, Class. For a while, I was what’s called a “professional student.” But, now I’m a “sandwich artist”…