Chelsea Brehm – JustJobs Scholarship Finalist for August 2012

I have learned that two of the most important characteristics within the field of international business are agility and foresight. Whether a global entrepreneur or a multinational company, what sets each apart is demonstrating the ability to be quick and well coordinated in order to change course when necessary, as well as the ability to live with one foot in the future. Businesses must also constantly evaluate what their consumers want, deliver products or services that meet the customers needs, and be forward thinking in terms of competitors and changing market dynamics.

From my perspective, the creation of the Duke Cross Continent MBA (CCM) program exemplifies this progressive track. By developing this Cross Continent program, the Fuqua School of Business redefines the international business-learning model through its leadership, innovation, and unique foresight to meet the needs of working professionals in global business education. I look forward to becoming part of the Fuqua community that is rethinking the boundaries and redefining business education.

Based on my years of experience in both the non-profit public health sector and the private international business sector, I have unique views on health and economic development of developing countries. Also, I have invaluable work experience in the field of international business development and marketing throughout Africa: working with a start-up business, negotiating agreements with local distributors, conducting market research and analysis of consumer branded products, and developing a marketing and brand development strategy that is culturally relevant in each African country.

Also, I have learned about different styles and forms of communication, managing people cross-culturally, workplace dynamics, work ethics, and also cultural concepts of time. My inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural experiences will be an asset to the Cross Continent MBA program and will be a benefit to my classmates. In our inter-connected and inter-dependent global economy, it is important to view business challenges and the decision making progress from a holistic and culturally sensitive perspective.

In our global economy, it is important to use business to improve the standard of living and to create sustainable prosperity. My experience has shown me that the consumer products industry can improve economic and human development throughout Africa. From expansions in manufacturing to distribution to retail, higher paying jobs are created, thereby improving people’s standard of living.

By pursuing my career goals in the industry of consumer brands and products, I can significantly impact economic growth and development across Africa. The CCM program at Fuqua will prepare me to achieve my goals. Not only will I gain a strong foundation in business concepts, but also I will develop strong leadership and communication skills. The CCM program will provide me with the opportunity to keep working in my current position, while also gaining invaluable experience in other global emerging markets. I look forward to being a part of the global Fuqua community.’s scholarship program is proud to announce Chelsea Brehm as one of the seven finalists for its August 2012 application deadline. Vote for her essay (Facebook ‘Like’ and other social media sharing options in left column), and/or leave comments of support to help us with the selection process.

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  • Ted Fitzer

    I have known Chelsea since she was a little girl and watched her grow up from a distance as I have known her parents for a long time. She went away to college and returned a wonderful young women starting her career. Now that she is in the business world I admire her energy & desire to continue to further her education. I was impressed when we talked with her knowledge and understanding of the International business market as well as her desire to learn even more. I recommend her for the scholarship as a working student eager to grow in knowledge through the Duke MBA program.

  • Pam Beatty

    Chelsea is a strong and capable young woman who after careful consideration pushes forward to accomplish her goals. She is intelligent and very well qualified for the Duke program having traveled extensively throughout the African countries becoming emersed in each culture. Chelsea is a strong contibutor and will do well with whatever she puts her hand to.

  • Rick Fitzer

    I’m not surprised that Chelsea is going after a program like this. As long as I have known her, which is most of her life, she’s demonstrated a go-getter personality along with a can-do attitude with positive results. We’re very proud of what she’s accomplished in her life so far and this scholarship (& graduate degree) at a top notch college would be well deserving.

  • Alberto Zuazo

    Chelsea is also
    in my team in our MBA program. She works hard and has many virtues. However,
    what I really admired about her is her ability to implement. She transforms
    ideas to actions.

  • carolebrehm

    Chelsea’s commitment and fearless pursuit of fairness and justice is only equaled by her acumen
    and practicality in business and communication. She would be a remarkable participant and
    leader in a growing sustainable and vibrant world economy. Carole Brehm@014092da0a0baf8e27396e7c084fd27d:disqus

  • Karen Brehm

    I have known Chelsea since birth. Being the first born cousin in a large adventurous family she has always been a leader, a way shower and a strong supporter of family values. I am ecstatic to see such courageous young women taking their position in the world to make positive change at a most crucial time. Whatever Ms. Chelsea Brehm puts her mind to she will accomplish undaunted by any difficulties that may present themselves. Her life experience has led her to this next step in education in a most consistent and powerful way. It would serve the world well for her to receive this scholarship.

  • Dave West

    We have known Chelsea since before she finished her undergraduate work. We have watched her mature preofessionally, first working offshore for NGOs in Africa and later as an

    entrepreneur, developing an international consumer brand. She has always struck me as a focused, hard working individual with a clear set of prefessional and personal goals. She also has a firm grasp of the challenges she must master to achieve her goals. I believe she would be an asset to the CCM program and to the other programstudents, given her background in international business.

  • Rev. Joseph Ardayfio, Esq.

    It is my pleasure to support Chelsea Brehm for this scholarship program. Chelsea is a very well rounded, ambitious, and talented individual who is highly deserving of the award. Her passion for international business and public health will enable her to make significant contributions towards improving our global community. Best wishes for her!

  • P. Collins

    I enthusiastically support Chelsea Brehm as a recipiant of this important scholarship. She will be a knowledgable contributor to this global Fuqua community, a hard-working, intelligent partner in the learning process, an insightful, committed student and enthusiastically work to make a difference. As a leader, she ignites others to find solutions to challenges and works cooperatively to make positive things happen…she will truly be an asset to your program and deserves this opportunity!

  • Diane

    I have known Chelsea since she was a little girl and have watched her grow into a wonderful woman who is “mature beyond her years”. She is a deeply caring and committed citizen of the world. Your investment in her will yield a tremendous return on that investment. Chelsea will use the opportunity that the scholarship gives her to the very best advantage.

  • David Robertson

    Chelsea has a broad set of excellent experiences to bring to this program, both educationally and from business. As this fine essay shows she will profit much and contribute much to the programs progress and will provide a solid background for even further contributions to her career. Her strong ethical character will bring fine qualities to whatever she undertakes.

  • J. West

    I have known Chelsea for 7 years. She has consistently sought opportunities for enrichment. Chelsea is a highly motivated, resourceful and enterprising young woman. Already she is a world traveler, with high aspirations to further develop her global communication skills. She is quite deserving of this scholarship.

  • Stephanie Chung

    Chelsea is amazing and definitely deserving! She is on my team in our MBA program and she is an amazing team player! She always gets work done, has insightful contributions, and is always there for the team if/when we need her!

  • Matt Gulden

    I have known Chelsea Brehm for over twenty years and can state with the utmost confidence that she is a balanced, yet driven, leader whose influence knows no geographical boundaries. She will most certainly contribute a broad-based experience perspective to the Fuqua program.

    Matt Gulden, PE

  • Lynda K

    Chelsea Brehm is a unique young woman. When I first met Chelsea
    approximately 7 years ago, she had just returned from visiting Nigeria by
    herself. I find Chelsea to be courageous, determined, and hard working.
    She has a global vision. I feel she is deserving of this scholarship.

  • Michael Mazloff

    I worked with Chelsea in the provision of health services to people living with HIV/AIDS. She is a very intelligent, hard-working person, and was able to provide services to a wide variety of peiople in an empowering, respectful manner. I definitely support her for this scholarship.
    Michael Mazloff

  • In the short time I have known Chelsea, she will certainly be an Asset to the Duke MBA programme and the Fuqua Business School. Chelsea is determined to make a difference and her enthusiasm and hunger for success is definitely something to learn from. She deserves this opportunity.

  • Clifford G. Beatty

    Chelsea is highly intelligent and a very hard worker with strong ambitions and drive. The tools which CCM will give her guarantees that she will be successful and a credit to Fuqua and Duke. Giving her this scholarship is a very smart investment.
    Clifford G. Beatty

  • Jessica

    Chelsea represents all of the attributes we look for in our students. She is smart, driven, and thinks out side the box. She faces all challenges head on and does not let roadblocks stop her. She is very deserving of this scholarship.

  • Loretta

    I’ve known Chelsea for a few years and in that time, I have definitely noticed that she’s a driven woman of many passions. She is definitely deserving of this scholarship.

  • UU

    Chelsea is so driven and a go getter, she is very deserving of this scholarship.

  • belle mccartan

    Chelsea Brehm has all the commitment and drive necessary to make this woman fly, so give her wings.

  • David Weininger

    This is a comment in support of Chelsea Brehm. I have known Chelsea since she was a child and have watched her mature into a talented, intelligent, and highly motivated young woman. She has a mature understanding of the world and its many cultures due to her international experiences. I give her my highest recommendation.

    David Weininger, Ph.D.
    Heidelberg University
    Tiffin, Ohio