JustJobs Announces Scholarship Award Winner

We are proud to announce that Erin Grigg, enrolled in the Reading Specialist M.A. program at Columbia University’s Teachers College, has won our 2014 JustJobs Scholarship award.

Erin’s essay was inspirational and beautifully written.

She aspires “to work in elementary schools where early literacy intervention can give freedom and choices to students with disabilities and students in low-income communities” after completion of her M.A., and hopes to “help other teachers learn how to understand and teach students with differences”. Diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 20, she is now  “really figuring out how to effectively study and organize my work” but grateful for the hardship, which she believes has made her “a more unique and passionate educator”.

Erin’s intelligence, dedication, and obvious drive will no doubt allow her success in her chosen field of social work.

The seven finalists – Teryan Brown, Erin Grigg, Kristin Pettersen, Amyn Rajan, Josie McKee, Aeloch Kim, and Meilinn Tram– were selected from thousands of other applicants for their dedication to learning, desire to make a positive impact on the world, and how their incredible stories have helped mold their future career paths.  Choosing one winner was an incredibly difficult decision considering the exceptional student applicants and quality of their essays.

We want to thank our site visitors and all who voted to help us select a winner.   The support shown through positive comments left for these students affirms both their career paths and the wonderful impact they already have on the lives of others.

To apply for the next JustJobs Scholarship, visit the scholarship page and check if your school has registered for the program.

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